Inspiration from the Voice of the Mustangs

Coach Matson, Champion of skiing on Casper Mountain, Voice of the Mustangs, Leader of the Iron Phillies, and, most importantly, father of our dear friend Maggie, shares some words of inspiration.  Get ready, ya’ll:

“Fitness is a state of being and living…not a destination..In our case, we will predominantly focus on physical fitness. Please understand that total fitness covers all aspects of our lives. As we will see as we move forward, “fitness” involves so many aspects of who and what we are…and what we have the potential to become. Not all of our questions and quests in this area can be answered or fulfilled but we sure can work at it…Let’s just make a pledge to ourselves to get better and be better!..”

HOLY MAN!  Aren’t you inspired?  I think a couple of new ab muscles just popped out as I was reading.

From Maggie: ‘ “By the way, his voicemail greeting goes, “Hi… you’ve reached Bob, the OL’ Veteran.” I’m like, veteran of what?! He wasn’t in any wars. So I think he means veteran of LIFE.’

And what a life at that.  Whether you know him as Coach, OL’ Veteran, Mr. Matson, or Bob: the Face that Sunk a Thousand Ships (just kidding), he’s one of those people you know knows what he is talking about.  He’s a lion, a tiger, and a bear melded together beneath a casing of man flesh.  Graphic?  Welp, so be it.  Cheers to life, OL’ Veteran, cheers.
The Meltdown, speaking for both Molly and myself, is more than a weight loss competition.  It’s a way to examine life and figure out what total fitness means.  And, as Bob Matson puts it so precisely,  “total fitness covers all aspects of our lives.”  It’s more than likely that I’ll end up with at least 1.5 abs by the end of  six-weeks, but I know that true fitness does not adhere to restricted timelines and cash prizes.  We’re in this for the long-run.  Our six-week commitment to this competition is just the beginning, OL’ Veteran.  We made the “pledge to ourselves to get better and be better!..”

6 thoughts on “Inspiration from the Voice of the Mustangs

  1. If he isn’t at a football game, my kids notice immediately by the strange voice coming over the loudspeakers. “Coach Bob/Coach Matson” was an early inspiration to the kids when they were wee folk learning to ski. Then he was one of the “Cookie Guys,” along with Coach Miller, that would give them a cookie when they would stop by the old ski hut. He is also the father of two of the most amazing kids I have ever met and the husband to a beautiful woman that I love to spend time with (although we don’t do it enough).

  2. I am honored and humbled, “Four Chins”…let’s get into some heavy training now…I’ll be out to administer The Iron Filly Test…(refer to the site)…We can do it right out in the street in front of your place…will be inspirational for your neighbors, I’m sure…Remember to go “APE”…attitude, preparation, effort! in your quest…

  3. I think an Iron Filly test in early June (when the Ol’ Veteran will again grace our state) would be awesome. And, totally do-able. If you’re Melting-down, you can DEFINITELY pump the iron/run the mile/run the mile and a half/do a few pull-ups/do a few bench dips/etc. Right?

    Also… Linda… I love love love your comment! I love you guys, too.

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