Vintage Fatty Photo #3: UP Shot!

How do you capture classic beauty?  How do you capture elegance?  How do you capture the pain and irony of young 20-somethings?  Simple.  UP SHOT!!

Now this is classic.  Leave a camera in my hands and this will more than likely happen.  This picture was snapped just one year after graduating from college.  Believe it or not, I had lost 10lbs since leaving the Hill and my face could still do…whatever the hell that is.  Molly poetically rocked the ol’ tube neck, while I laid it down in true Jabba style.

The up shot double chin pose is something I mastered over four years at college.  In fact, it’s probably the only thing I’ve mastered.  We all have a calling in life, and I guess my calling is to take the most unflattering photos of myself to deter any potential manmate.  Yikes.  At least I’ll always have Molly.

Hearts & Farts

P.S.  Please notice the difference in skin tones.  Love you, my little porcelain princess!

And I you, my caramel compañera!

2 thoughts on “Vintage Fatty Photo #3: UP Shot!

  1. You guys are cracking me up!! I LOVE your new blog. Still laughing…… Love you both!! You are inspiring!

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