Treat Peanut Butter Like Gold

Favorite inventor?  George Washington Carver, of course!  Above: A glistening river of honey runs through a glorious, melty layer of peanut butter on toast.

Ellen and I are obsessed with peanut butter.  It’s a healthy source of protein (good for us, since we eat meat bi-weekly at best), raises good cholesterol, and reduces the risk of heart disease.  What else is so versatile that it can be a key component in a savory, spicy sauce or a sweet swirl in a chocolaty dessert?  Nothing, I say.

But now I ask: should it be eaten by the spoonful?  Should it be eaten by the dozen spoonfuls?  Should I be going through a small jar (the good, organic “just peanuts” kind, mind you) of it every four days?  Too much of a good thing, perhaps?  Lord a’mighty!  New goal?  Moderation: only consume one jar of peanut butter in six weeks.  Ellen and I each started on jars of Krema (my favorite brand) Creamy All-Natural at the beginning of the Meltdown, and by god, there will still be some left those jars in May.  Now, let’s lay out some more goals to help us fight our sub-conscious snacking demons!

1. Use plates when party snacking.  All about portioning.  If my grabby-hand just keeps going at those pita chips, what may seem like one serving could be more like four.

2. Fast before bedtimeI know. Metabolism slows down while you sleep, blah blah.  So let’s just abstain, even if toast (and this is where PB comes in again) is a fun end-of-the-day project.

3. Drink in moderation.  We’re twenty-somethings.  We’re babes.  We’re fun. We can knock ’em back with the best of ’em.  This is a dilemma. My friend Sean suggested trying vodka-water-limes.  This is a drink of choice for body-conscious sorority girls, apparently.  Drinks are not only empty calories, but they also lead to late night calls to Galactic Pizza.  Or, if it’s after 2 a.m., then Topper’s Pizza (shnasty, but open later).  Going to bed with 6 beers and half a pizza in your belly is definitely not a stepping stone in a journey toward total health.  We will do our best on this one.

4. Plan out snacks. Bad decisions are made when you’re hungry.  That’s why chips exist: instant salt and fat.  To help my brain make decisions when its logic is being overthrown by my stomach, I made a cheat sheet (nerd alert) of healthy snacks and taped it inside the cupboard, because seriously, look at what’s in there… mostly dried legumes and grains in jars; things that need to be prepared.  Soak some beans for 8 hours and then cook them for 2 more?  Those are not snacks.

5. Look at food while eating.  No mindless shoveling into mouth.  Take a moment to pay homage to food.  I’m not a praying woman, but I do think it’s good to be thankful for food and very mindful of the journey it has taken before it reaches your plate.  What do they say… eating is the closest connection we have to our earth?  Paying homage for even a split second makes eating a more holy and fulfilling experience.  Food really is a sacred thing.

6. Abstain from buying food demons. Well, PB is a demon of sorts, but we’re trying moderation with that one, since it really can be a health asset.  For me, ice cream, cheese, and granola (I know, right?) are things that I will helplessly gorge on, so I just wont buy them.  Luckily, we are already pretty wise grocery shoppers and avoid processed foods, so conquering the chip aisle is not even an issue.

7. Look hot all the time.  Even if my sassy outfits are a little tight at the moment, I am still going to wear them.  They will not only remind me to eat less (ooh, the pinching!), but also make me feel like a confident, powerful tigress.  I jumped on the Lent bandwagon and gave up pants.  Just skirts and shorts from here on out!  I shall box up my dumpy winter clothes tomorrow and stow them in the garage until the fall.

3 thoughts on “Treat Peanut Butter Like Gold

  1. Don’t forget about PB on celery sticks – add a few raisins for bugs on a log! Satisfy your need for a crunchy treat….

  2. These are GREAT TIPS! I’m again so inspired. (Also, I’m sorry for posting so much. I can’t help it. I express my love through my fingers… uhh…?)

  3. Awesome snack= Crunchy Chickpeas… you just bake them a certain amount of time and then toss them in paprika/cumin/whatever spices you want and a lil salt. So good! Thanks Martha Stewart Kitchens.

    Here’s something like it:

    And the raw almonds from Costco. So delicious. They come in a bag. But I guess moderation is important there, too… they are the good fats though, and “a handful” is 24 or something.

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