Muffintopofthejeansitis is so 2010

The results are in!  Well, they were actually in last week, but Molly and I have decided to keep our pre-challenge, YWCA-certified numbers a secret until the very end.  Trust me, at the end of our Meltdown, Two Girls, Four Chins will post it ALL – before and after photos, numbers, and dirty little secrets.

Spoiler alert:  I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

I shall only give one tidbit of info away; my body is made of 30% marshmallow.  Remember when I used to consider marshmallows a legitimate snack?!  Well, it looks like my body remembers too well…  “Ellen, you have a really deep bellybutton!”  Um, not really, Molly; it’s a marshmalloptical illusion.

At least you have super sexy legs!

We’re one week in and I already feel the need to pick up my activity pace.  In addition to our six hours of physical activity, the maximum number of hours you get Meltdown points for, I am attempting to bust my butt at least three mornings a week before work (thank you, Jillian Michaels 20-minute workouts), take the six flights of stairs down from my office instead of the elevator, and bike around town more (which is kind of scary to me since I’m not a seasoned city rider).

Here’s what I’m struggling with:  my job restricts me to a desk and computer where I sit for no less than eight hours a day. Stuckatadeskitis a common condition that plagues our great nation.  So, how does one cure stuckatadeskitis?  Well, I guess the cure is to contract fungalretailonmyfeetihatemyjobia or iworkatoneofthosesweettreadmilldesks.  I don’t have time for a cure all.   I need coping mechanisms.  Therefore, I need your help, 2G4C friends; what can I do to help alleviate bodily sadness that’s directly correlated to stuckatadeskitis?

Just a thought…

Hearts & Farts

8 thoughts on “Muffintopofthejeansitis is so 2010

  1. Sit on one of those giant balls. I have a coworker who swears the first few days she sits on it instead of a chair her abs are sore. (and she’s already one fit lady…)

    ps. you made my morning with not one, but TWO posts!

  2. Ellen – You have always had nice legs. I agree, fitness ball. Also, is there somewhere you can take yoga at lunch?

  3. Ellen, I too suffer from a “deep” belly button.

    After shifts from a certain coffee shop, I’d come home and discover coffee beans burrowed in there.

  4. I also suffer deeply from stuckatdeskitis. (insert string of obscenities here)
    I recommend the ball as well. I’ve had one for a year. I have the cheap (non-stationary) kind, which is hard on your knees, because you have to use your toes/feet to keep it where it is… But I recommend it nonetheless. I also have a volume on “Office Yoga.” ( a delightful treat for all) I’ll bring it to book club eh?

  5. OOOH. I’m going to get a ball! I literally just ate 2 St. Olaf cookies and am also suffering from Stuckatadeskitis. YIKES.

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