Vintage Fatty Photo #5: Freshmen Fatties

The year, 2004.  The occasion, Leonardo Di Caprio’s political campaign for John Kerry blah blah we didn’t really care.  We were four rows away from a panty-melting celebrity, and we could hardly contain our excitement (Molly especially.  Moll, was it 3 or 4 times you saw Titanic on the big screen? 5 times. 5.).

Let’s face it, the first year of college is rough for everyone.  We all had to say goodbye to friends and family, share a room with a stranger, create a  “unique” style (e.g.  awful bleached bangs),  make and impress new friends, and stay on top of academics.   To escape from it all, we’d spend hours in the cafeteria stuffing our faces and loitering in conversation until homework called us back to reality.   No meal was complete without two plates of entrees and dessert was mandatory.  Shame on you, gourmet buffet.  Shame!  And shame on us for our grubby Leo-lovin, pudding-popping, burger-basted hands.  Oops.  The pudding went straight to muh face, I guess.

Hearts & Farts

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