Crank These

The scientific journal, Flab to Fab: The Science of Lazy Girls, recently published study results which prove the following songs to be the “workout songs with greatest capacity to catalyze weight-loss while sounding totally ****ing awesome”, and we completely agree, though we do not approve of curse words in a scientific journal.

1. Renegade, Styx.  A dramatic cappella intro slowly marinades, then a shout transitions the song into its late 70’s raging beat.  Time to feel like a law-breaking fugitive, even if the worst thing you’ve ever done is drunkenly steal a bag of chips from a sandwich shop (we’ve all been there).  Perfect for tossing around the ol’ iron, as you prepare for your prison sentence (never mind the gallows bit).

2. Kiss, Prince.  This will give you the energy boost you need on the stair master when you thought it not possible to go any more.  It will also make you long to teleport to the 80’s and be Prince’s girl, except that he prefers hyper-sexy veiled women and lesbians with guitars (watch the video).

3.  My Sweet Lord, George Harrison.  Possible to achieve Nirvana whilst stretching on dirty, blazing orange mats in the middle of a crowded exercise room?  George says yes, and he’s here to help you tug at your hamstrings, glutes, triceps… you name it. 

4. Breathless, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  A song made for a brisk, outdoor walk with bunnies and butterflies and everything sugary!

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