Closet purge

As you may see, my closet is too small for regular clothes hangers; those are the children’s version from Ikea.  In fact, my entire room is about the size of a nursery, so why would I spare the space for frumpy clothes and shredded undergarments?  These thoughts plagued me late last night, and I could not sleep until I got rid of all the nasties and reorganized my closet, dresser, and storage bed drawers.  One of the ground rules  I laid for myself was to “Look hot all the time”, and the only way to make strives toward this goal was to complete a closet purge, because if those comfy slob clothes are in there, I’m liable to make some bad decisions when I’m in a vulnerable [read: lazy] state.

So this brings us to another subject, which is identifying clothes that are too small which that may serve as a toning-up motivator, because if you’re going to buy clothes when you are feeling thin, they are most certainly adorable, flattering pieces.  OR, maybe you have on occasion purchased clothes that are too small to begin with, hoping that you will someday fit into them.  I have just a couple such items, one is the velvet (size TWO) skirt you see pictured above.  Given, I bought it at a 90% off sale at a designer consignment store, which was a total madhouse of ladies, elbow to elbow, ripping off their clothes in a shared dressing room and stealing things from each other.  Dog-eat-dog, totally.  Needless to say, it was hard to look at the clothing with a truly critical eye in such an environment.  I thought this skirt kind of fit (I could at least zip it up), so I couldn’t say no.  In reality, I can barely eek it over my thighs.  Fit into this skirt: fitness goal #62.

Any ultra-skinny clothes in your closet?


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