Vintage Fatty Photo #6: A Toast to Junior Year


Firstly, notice those babe friends inbetwixt Molly and me.  Aren’t they cute?  Secondly, notice the incredibly cheap/sad beers in our hands as we make a toast to commemorate the beginning of our junior year at college.  Amen, little sisters and brothers.  Amen.  Thirdly, notice the sheer girth of midsections going on.  Yikes.  Now That’s What I Call Spare Tire 12!  Listen to all of today’s hit spare tire songs like, “Dang, That Muffin Was Tasty” and “Pass Me Another Pabst.”  Fourthly, notice the Iron Filly (2005) t-shirt I’m flaunting whilst making a toast in an un Iron Filly respect.  I done Iron Fillies across this great country wrong.  I apologize for my insulting past actions, but now I wear my Iron Filly 2005 with a sense of responsibility and pride. 

Ride on, Fillies.

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