My Pants Are Loose(ish)

Here we are at WEEK 4 already.  Yeeowza.  Time is flying by and we only have two weeks left!  It’s crunch time (literally – let’s get those abs burning).  I need to make these last weeks really count, especially since I’ll be loafing around on an “exotic” island off of Fort Myer’s Beach the last week of the Meltdown.  Hello, 25th birthday.  Oh, Mr. Mojito, please meet my mouth.

 Let’s review my life over the past six months.

October thru March: 

  • Finished one month unlimited membership at CorePower Yoga at the end of October.  Felt like a million dollar$.
  • Celebrated the holidays like a true Stewart and ate/drank my way into a pudgy bliss
  • Unexpectedly quit my job on a Friday and started a new job on Monday 
  • Worked M-F, 8-5pm sitting at a desk turning my body into a supple puff of flesh
  • Shamefully watched the entire season of The Bachelor, occasionally putting down a Papa John’s pizza
  • Beer + vodka + dancing
  • One-week experiment with online dating
  • My only exercise consisted of running from my front doorstep to the bus every morning



  • Competition?  Yes, please!  I agree to sign up for the Meltdown with Molly as my (life)partner in fitness-fat-fighting crime
  • Workout at least 7 hours a week versus the 20 minutes a week I spent running after buses from Nov – March

  • Found a love for running around the lakes.  Now, I’m one of “those” people.  “WHAT?!” you ask?  Well, I will admit that back in the day I was notorious among elementary, middle school, and high school phyEd teachers for having a somewhat “can’t do” attitude.  In 3rd grade I sat down, cried, and refused to run the mile run.  But, thanks to a very persistent Mrs. D, I ran that damn mile with tears streaming down my face – a small victory for both of us.
  • I noticed my endurance and strength increase within the first couple weeks of hitting the gym
  • Less beer + more gin + dancing
  • My pants are more loose(ish)!!


The bullet points only paint an abbreviated story of my life over the past six months.  I continue to feel better with every day that goes by and know that I won’t always have the time and energy to workout, or go to the YWCA seven days a week.  But, at least I have the resources right now and am trying to take full advantage of them. 

Thanks to all of our supportive loved ones, cyber followers included, for helping to keep us motivated!  Much love.

Hearts + Farts

P.S.  We all have to start small in any new venture.  Case in point, I went to a BodyPump class (strength training with barbels) at the YW last night for the first time in 4+ years.  I had to use 1 lb weights (total of 2 lbs) for the triceps portion.  The only person who used less weight than me was the instructor who broke her wrist last Friday.  Amen.

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