Competition Booster

As I was passing by a group of middle aged gals mingling after a class at the Y, I overheard one of them introduce her friend, “This is my friend Molly.  She’s the one who always wins The Meltdown”.  Well, you can imagine how my ears did perk!  This year, there’s a new Molly in town, and since she’s 24, she can probably bring the thunder 10x harder than you can… (well… if she steps it up the last two weeks.  Some of those middle-agers are not to be underestimated!).  That said, I think today is the first day I haven’t worked out since the whole thing began.  Even the days I was sick, I still walked… oops.

I just checked my gym attendance for the month, and I was there 22 times.  Mind you, this does not include the times I went twice in one day.  My belt is two notches smaller, and I am going to DOMINATE the next couple of weeks.  I am going to be hard on myself.  Balls out.  Make any innuendo you like there.

I guess I had to write out a little manifesto there, as  it helps me to “out-confident” my competitors.

Sorry, other Molly.

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