Animal Humane Society Walk: GIMME YOUR DOG

It was a rainy Saturday morning, and we made the (short) journey to Golden Valley to support the Animal Humane Society’s Walk for Animals Fundraiser 2011.  Minnesota’s Walk for Animals is the nation’s largest, and most fun, human and animal walk.  And since I’ve been having dog cravings like a 34-year-old woman has baby cravings, I could not resist the need to walk.  Within 24 hours of the walk’s start time, I managed to slap together a team of six youthful and passionate animal lovers and $135 in donations for the Humane Society.  One of our team members even arranged to borrow a dog for the morning!  SCORE!

Sarah + Emmy

What a beautiful umbrella and sexy rain gear.

Margit, Ellen (me), Natalie, and Walter (champ dog)

Nearing the end of the walk and looking forward to riding the bus back.

A big “Thank you!” to:  Amy (you walked in spirit), Rachel, Sarah, Emmy (for showing up on a rainy whim), Natalie, Margit, and Walter!

Despite the rain, we powered through four miles of walking, thousands of mini dog-induced heart attacks, uncomfortably damp clothes and speckled glasses.  It feels great to support and give back to organizations that provide worthwhile services and tools to local communities and beyond.  I already have a few more fundraisers coming up this summer.  Stay tuned for further updates…

Woof WoofBarkMeowFarf


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