The longest run of my life

was really not that long.

1.3 miles, to be precise.  But I have never, never chosen to run before*.  The last time I ran was probably in 10th grade phy-ed class.  The mile.  Ellen and I could write a whole post about mile run nightmares.  Soon to come, perhaps.

Yesterday, I was still reeling from some sickness when I got home from work, so I took a nice nappy with my computer by my side playing The Tudors (new fav show).  When I gently awoke from slumber, I realized that the sun was still shining and that ‘twould be a waste to spend the rest of the night in the gym (p.s. saying “‘twould” is way Tudor) .  On the other hand, it had also been a while since I’d done anything social on a whim.  When I told Ellen that Night Moves was playing at Honey, an acclaimed local band we’d not seen and fun and classy yet somewhat skraky bar, respectively, we decided to glam up a little and go!  After all, Tuesday nights are nights too.  But what about the walk I wanted to take?  More walk meant less time getting ready.  Lord knows getting ready is a favorite past time in the Roth/Nelson household.  I started out toward the beautiful Peace Garden and Rose Garden on the way to the lake. And then…

…almost instantly, the sweet Lord struck my walking shoes with lightening!  He wanted me to have time to glam.  So I ran to the Lake Harriet Bandshell and walked back to the house.  And it wasn’t even hard!  Had I known it would be a run, maybe I would’ve worn my running shoes and dominated the whole lake.  Or maybe a surprise run didn’t give me time to feel the anxiety I normally associate with running.  Who knows.  In either case, I feel like maybe the 5k that my friends want to do in June might be a real possibility.  That would be a huge achievement for a girl who “does not run”. 

In conclusion, Night Moves’ haunting melodies and hyper sexy vocalist were more than enough inspiration for these chins.  Thank you, boys.

*I do not count times when I thought I was being chased by cops as voluntary running.**

**This never*** happened, Mother.

***Might have.  Once.  Who knows what all happened in college.  It’s like a free excuse for anything. 

Congrats to Molly on the longest run of her life!!  She really knows how to make a roommate/fitness partner proud.  I know exactly what it feels like when the Lord fills your legs with the spirit to move; I used to experience that feeling every morning this past fall and winter on the way to the bus stop.  That spirit allowed me to catch my bus 85% of the time.  Amen.

I also had a mini running victory recently.  Yesterday was the first day I ran outside since the ankle apocalypse (too loaded?) of Easter 2011.  It felt great aside from wanting to die.  Just kidding.  It did feel great to get back outside and breathe in the crisp lake air.  Molly, you’ve got plenty-o-time to horse up for a June 5K.  I’m thinking a nice lamb soup protein load and cheddar apple scone carb load will help do the trick.

2 thoughts on “The longest run of my life

  1. Awesome!! Way to go Moll. Crazy things happen sometimes. And you could totally do the 5k! I know what you’re thinking… and I said the same thing just 8 weeks ago… and now, I just ran 3.0 miles yesterday! In 29:30!!! I only had to do 2.75, but then I said, hey! I can see my house from here! Just Do It. And I did! And was very proud of myself. …Maybe that’s where Nike got their slogan. Seriously, that couch to 5k thing is awesome. I too have never been a runner, couldn’t have “run” (extremely slow jogged) 1/4 mile to save my life on March 14th, and here I am. It starts out slow with walking/running to build up your endurance and keep you from injuring yourself, working out 3 times a week. My first actual ‘race’ is a 2 miler on Saturday morning, and I should be well prepared. I’m excited (and not just to have a t-shirt from an athletic event I actually competed in)

  2. oh yeah, and I don’t think public safety really, in the Mother-interpreted sense of the word, counts as “cops” …. hehe

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