Tai Chi: If my blood pressure were any lower, I would be dead.

Tonight was our last Tai Chi class, a whopping 5-point opportunity for the Meltdown.  As Ellen is living it up on an island somewhere, I went stag.  A YWCA photographer was there, so don’t be surprised if you see my mug on a YWCA billboard in Chanhassen someday.

Throughout the six weeks, we learned the Yang style of Tai Chi- basically martial arts in incredible slow motion.  It gave us a chance to focus on breath, socialize with the elderly after class, and learn killer moves like “grasp peacock’s tail” and “rooster stands on one leg”.  Lots of avian lifeforms in China?  Slow motion fighting has always been a strength of mine, and I have portrayed a rooster in the theat-ah… so it was pretty much right up my alley.

I have since recommended Tai Chi to some stressed-out co-workers, but feel that since I’m so low-stress, practicing Tai Chi regularly might just make my heart stop beating or make my eyes gently begin to cross.  I need workout classes to counter my laidbackness, like Gladiator, Bootcamp or Bodypump, though I don’t enjoy workouts that end in tears…

Our instructor always reinforced that fact that Tai Chi is, indeed, a martial art, giving practical examples of how the movements could be used for self defense, but in a “loving, Tai Chi kind of way”.  This video takes that idea a little further:

Ellen and I plan to take our Tai Chi out for a test run in the Peace Garden.  Anyone play any of those crazy gord instruments? 

One thought on “Tai Chi: If my blood pressure were any lower, I would be dead.

  1. OK Hard Bodies…Enough of the “gentle breeze” martial arts for now…Time to get the hard bods in motion…The Old Veteran is coming your way soon…Buck up and suck it up for IRON FILLY-2011!!!!! COMING SOON!!!!!

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