Art House Chins

We like to bring our nearest and dearest friends along for the ride.

Reunions: when nothing brings back fond, old memories like neck fat.  A wonderful accessory to sequins!

There is always someone who decides not to go for it, and thus look hotter than everyone else by comparison.  Sorry, Charlotte and Natalie; you actually look foolish.  Same to you boys in the background.

Some prefer the open-yer-mouth method to roll out the chub, while the old schoolers slide it out nice and easy.


p.s. With only a couple days before Meltdown weigh-outs, I’m proud to say that I am still rocking a fatty tootsie roll amount of chin.  Though it may be less than my former Swiss Cake Roll, girl’s gotta have something.  We’ll see what hot yoga+kickboxing+lemon water+spinach have to say about that tomorrow. (In my dreams, I eat cake).  Seriously though, I do eat a lot of peanut butter toast.  With honey.  Over and out.

One thought on “Art House Chins

  1. I seriously cannot figure out how to do it right! I think this photo was a miscommunication. I’ll need some lessons [with upshots] before next month’s photo.
    I also failed at our boobycopying adventure.

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