Vintage Fatty Photo #8: Fatty to the MAX

Let’s kick this off with a couple of classics.  This phase of my life ( 5th – 6th grade) was quite…oh, how should I say…rough.  After my parents’ divorce just two years prior to these pictures, I started to pack on the pounds with help from fast food, french onion dip, stress, and everyone’s favorite – puberty!  On a happier note, please notice my babealicious  motherhole and cutehole of a sister.


When I look at these pictures I can hardly recognize me in them.  However, when I think back to my younger years, I vividly remember what kind of person I was – goofy, shy, self-conscious, and the kinds of thoughts I used to have.  Even though I can hardly recognize myself physically I can still connect with my younger self intrinsically. 

The top picture is from 4th or 5th grade and the bottom from 7th.  Please notice 1. my slight unibrow in the top photo (holler!) 2. my sister and my über sexy oval glasses in the bottom  3. I still smile that same rectangle smile and 4. Mother is smokin’!


 This is one of my all time favorite Roth family photos.  This gem was snapped on a Caribbean cruise during my 8th grade year.  Look how exotic we look!  That’s right, we rocked it out in true Roth style – clip on sunglasses, socks with sandals, braided and beaded hair, bangs, braces, and a babealicious mother.  My sister and I still give our parents a hard time for “letting us look so ugly.”  We all have our transition years, right?  Well, ours just seemed a little rougher and longer than most.



Hearts+Vintage Fatty Farts


3 thoughts on “Vintage Fatty Photo #8: Fatty to the MAX

  1. If I had them available, I would contribute several vintage 7th grade shots. Lord that was an awkward year, but somehow 8th grade was immeasurably better… weird.
    The Roth ladies have always been and always will be total babes! They have the best legs of anyone I know! unlike ol thunderhipsnthighs over here.

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