Hitchin’ Chins!

This is our beautiful and talented friend Annie.  She lives in Oregon, and we love her.  

We love her chins and her comic timing.  This is some man she is marrying.  We do not know him very well, but we do know that before this bond is officially sealed, Annie must teach him how to tuck his jaw into his neck and release his inner chin.  Congrats to you both!  

Sigh.  Someday, I will find a gent with chins comparable to mine own with a willingness and desire to take unflattering photos.  Until then…

Takers?  Any takers?

3 thoughts on “Hitchin’ Chins!

  1. I feel so honored! I should note to his defence that Dave has a certain chin deficiency that prevents him from achieving his full chinly nirvana. To quote the man himself, “I’d be lucky just to have on chin!” We’ll keep working on it, though!

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