Pseudo Anorexia Works!

I fit into my bridesmaid dress!  Thank you, pseudo anorexia.  I shall never attempt you again.

PS Starvation is not a fun game.  At the groom’s dinner the night before, I said “to hell with my dress” and ate ribs, pulled pork (mountain sized), and chicken wings (x5).

PPS In a post-wedding blackout mess, I stole two frozen macaroni and cheese dinners, a bag of chips, and ordered with an unnamed individual two LARGE pizzas from Pizza Luce (ummm…that’s $40).  Oh, and we shared a cup of soup off of someone’s room service tray that was sitting in our hotel hallway.  In the morning, much to my horror, we discovered that only three slices of the pizza were eaten and the macaroni was untouched.  Cripe!!
Hearts + Hotmess Farts



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