Putting on a Sports Bra Doesn’t Mean…

Another day spent with the intention of going to the gym= another day spent lounging around the house in my gym clothes.  All day.

I did bike for the first time in over a month.  Just a few miles.  I did have to walk my bike up that big hill by the Lake Harriet Trolley.  Raced across the tracks to beat the 5mph Trolley, almost gave up right there.  Woulda been very cinematic (in the pathetic/hokey/ironic comedy kind of way, not the epic man-vs-machine drama kind of way).    

CONGRATULATIONS, TWIN CITIES MARATHON RUNNERS… at least this girl didn’t crap her pants today.  I did sweat a lot and almost have an asthma attack after a leisurely bike ride, so I feel you on that.



Don’t beat yourself up, girl!  If a 39 week pregnant woman can run 26.2 miles, give birth in the Miracle of Birth barn, and eat her placenta all in one day, then you can FOR SURE finish a marathon.  I’ll cheer you on and even provide all post-marathon placenta snacks.

Hearts + Your body literally crys rivers of poop when you make it run a marathon Farts

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