I am a proud ICPK.

..And an INFJ.  Thanks, Myers-Briggs.

Now, take the Nelson-Roth test!

As a dessert fiend, I’ve found fascination with asking friends and family to rank their preference for the following: cookies (C), cake (K) pie (P), and ice cream (I).  To me, these are the major dessert groups, the ranking of which tells a vast amount about one’s personality.

Don’t over think it, e.g. “Well, I would definitely choose pumpkin pie over rum raisin ice cream, but definitely caramel swirl ice cream over a marble cake”.  Just think of things in a general kind of way.  Think of all your favorites of each.  Which make you the most happy?  Which categories contain an overwhelming amount of favorites?  Also, don’t be philosophical about cookie dough ice cream or ice cream cake.  You know what’s what. Most people I’ve asked take a minute or two and figure out a definite order.

I, myself, am a proud ICPK.  LOVER of ice cream absolutely, always.  Summer or winter, it is always the perfect palate-satiating delight.  When left alone with a pint, I will eat that whole goddamn pint just like all those cliche period-ridden bitches on sit-coms.  I enjoy slowly scooping the ice cream with my spoon, watching its creamy layers fold onto themselves.  Cookies almost always, especially a soft, warm chocolate chip cookie; unbeatable texture.  Pie?  Pie can be pretty good, though I’m mostly in it for the flakey, buttery crust.  Lots of nostalgia connected with pie.  Cake is alright.  I will eat cake, but I will never not wish it were something else.  Cake is usually attached to a birthday party or other event (“Farewell and good luck, ugly coworker!) Frosting always seems like the most awesome thing at first, but never fails to make you feel ill.  Frosting is emptiness to me.  

What does this mean about my personality?  I participate in social celebrations just to show face, but would rather spend time alone lost in dreamy thoughts, enjoying myself to the fullest.  I am observant and have an appreciation for nostalgia.  Also, I think cookies are pretty fuckin’ good.  May butt heads with other ICPKs.  CPIKs and PICKs are good matches.  Avoid KIPCs.   

Here’s where you come in!  Post your outcome, and Ellen or I will give you your personality results!


It’s official – Molly is a cake hater, and I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable living with an ICPK…  I am currently unidentified in respects to the Nelson-Roth test for I have never been able to confidently rank ice cream, cake, pie and cookies in order from “generally most delicious” to “generally still delicious but I’d rather eat a different dessert category”.  However, it’s time for me to buck up and get to it.

I am an uncertain KICP. 

Even typing it out concerns me, but I am a tax paying adult who needs to start voicing her thoughts/opinions with confidence and a mouth free of chocolate or frosting.

I am a cake girl by upbringing.  My dad, also lovingly called Dessert Boy by my mother, is notorious for occasionally buying “unbirthday cakes” and foregoing weddings rumored to be cake-free.  And how many times have you forked into your mouth a chunk of the aptly named  Better Than Sex Cake and have said out loud, “Yes!  It’s so true!”  But how many times have you had sex that is better than Better Than Sex Cake?  Let me answer for you – maybe once.  Oh, and if you’re a man/boy your answer doesn’t count… unless you’ve had sex with a Better Than Sex Cake. 

Please refer to my favorites list below for future “what should I make or buy Ellen to make her a happy princess?” inquiries.

  • K = Better Than Sex Cake, Rum Cake, Pineapple Upside Down,  German Chocolate, Banana Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting
  • I = Maple Nut (for the little grandma hiding inside me) or Bonnaroo (Ben&Jerry’s)
  • C = Chocolate Sea Salt (from Lucia’s), Grandma Edna’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (made with Crisco, duh), Peanut Butter Blossoms
  • P = Pecan pie topped with Grandma Jan’s Hawaiian bacon (my Thanksgiving 2009 fat creation)

In conjunction with my father, grandmas seem to have a heavy influence over my sweet tooth.

Hearts + “Don’t you dare fork my cake” Farts

PS Mashing together cake + ice cream = dessert on steroids.  I only do this with plain cakes and ice creams that need a healthy dose of andro.

21 thoughts on “I am a proud ICPK.

  1. PIKC. I’m trying to think of a good reason why, and I think it comes down to the balance of mouth-feel: Pie is the perfect monster truck crash of Randy McGooey and Devon JoFlakey. Ice cream is versatile, but pretty one dimensional – which makes it easy and satisfying to suck down massive quantities, like a misguided freshman beer bonging Carlo Rossi. (K)ake wins by default, because cookies are a poor excuse for a proper dessert, but are certainly satisfying as an out-of-the oven snack. If cookies are a real dessert, then bowling is a sport.

  2. I am an ICPK, too. I did not copy you, Molly. It is what it is. I am thinking of Rum Raisin ice cream, my own almond sugar cookies, triple berry pie, and orange poppyseed cake, in that order.

  3. Desserts suck. The only time sweets taste good is when they are frosted with Brandt Branded Buffalo dip and slathered in sriracha.

  4. Quizzes are always the most popular posts!

    I have to say IPCK

    It was ICPK, but pie (nearly always containing primarily fruit, please) has a slight edge over cookies based on the CookiesCountAsDessert? Logic.

    I think that is most accurate, because pie without ice cream just isn’t right, but Rhubarb pie (please no custard in there, BY THE WAY) or Apple Crisp, with Ice Cream, is probably my most ideal of desserts. Even compared with Rachel’s amazing chocolate cake.

    Of course, any individual cake, pie, ice cream, or cookie can tank or completely 0verwhelm a member of another category on a case-by-case basis. (i.e. don’t eat Crazy Connie’s cookies in the breakroom, even if you haven’t eaten anything but lint for 3 weeks)

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