Support a Hungry “Soul” In Need

During the holiday season, especially in such dismal economic times as these, many individuals and families are in need of help, support, love, and resources.  As economic and social issues continue to rage through the streets of our Nation, many struggling families and individuals chose to support the Occupy Wall Street efforts instead of participating in Halloween, America’s most revered and celebrated holiday.  Children were left costume-less.  Tweens were left pumpkin and puke party-less.   Adults were left candy-bowl-at-work-less.  All signs pointing to a vanishing American spirit.

SugarFix for Ellen is a non-profit founded in 1991 during the aftermath of the devastating Twin Cities Halloween Blizzard.  SugarFix for Ellen provides candy and sweets to children, adolescents, and their families who are unable to provide themselves with holiday treats.  We are one of the oldest and largest organizations to address the sugar fix needs of those without the tools and resources to do so.

Post-Halloween is our biggest donation time of the year.  All candies and sweets donations are solely obtained through generous donor gifts.  Please consider making a charitable post-Halloween donation today to SugarFix for Ellen

All donations can be dropped off at:   321 Ellen’s Mouth, Minneapolis, MN 55409.      

Hearts + Farts




*Disclaimer:  I am fully aware that the holiday season is extremely tough for many people.  I wholeheartedly believe in the power of kindness and generosity.  Therefore, my college babes and I are opting out of our annual gift exchange in order to adopt a family for Christmas through  Give back!

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