Vintage Fatty Photos #9: Bathing in Sin

These vintage college photos are both from our “Sinful Sophomore Year,” a.k.a. “The Year Themed Parties Became Reality.” 

   Post or pre highlighter party?  It doesn’t matter, because I look like hell.  And yes, those are highlighter green nipples drawn on my t-shirt.  And yes, judging by the slight roll at the top of my jeans, my pants were too tight.  And yes, the bleach blond hair beneath my ethnically attractive pseudo-black hair made me look like a bald eagle from behind.  And yes, I probably went back to my dorm alone that night.


I love this photo.  One, this “heritage” themed party was incredibly more racist (and fun) than we thought.  Two, “Wyoming” was used as someone’s heritage.  Three, the light beaming onto Molly’s right side so subtly and perfectly captures the entire essence of Molly’s belly’s soul (hungry).  My caption “Is that a donut under your (my) shirt, or is there a glob of chub encircling your (my) bellybutton?” The latter, folks.  It was the latter.  





Hearts + I’m Mexican, right? Farts

*Apologies if you’ve already seen these photos.  If you haven’t taken the time and are able to do so, I highly recommend scrolling through all 822 FB photos of Molly and 1,512 FB photos of myself with a bottle of Jack and a bowl of popcorn.  Bring a (downstairs) tissue just in case.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Fatty Photos #9: Bathing in Sin

  1. I totally forgot the Heritage Party! Yes, the racism was on par with the regionalism(? not the Grant Wood kind) of the Trailer Trash Birthday Bash. So hilarious. So fun.

    My caption: Is that a donut under your [my(MY)] shirt?
    I love that shirt, but had a real problem wearing it first semester of Junior year, when on MWF I had Contemporary Native American Cultures, and Tues/Thurs Environmental History of Latin America, where we talked a lot about the myth of the eco-natives and the inaccurate reflections of injuns in Western culture. It totally sucked! Because it’s an awesome shirt and I wasn’t enough of a rebel to be “that kid” repping for social injustice in the basement of Boe Chapel.

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