Fat Girl Waxes Poetic About Cookie


What else is new?  Though I’ve been told “If a person who was actually fat saw your blog, they’d probably be pissed”… I think being a fatty comes from within (that is not to say that I can’t pinch more than a few inches right now… Eh. Petty details!).

Sometimes I feel like an obsessive Labrador Retriever when I get the idea of this cookie in my head. My normally strong work ethic goes out the window. I leave for lunch early so I can satiate this cookie desire need as soon as humanly possible. Ladies and gentlemen, Mississippi Market’s “Ziggy Zaggy Cookie”.  Now, I’m not saying this would be your favorite, but it’s definitely the Ken to my Barbie.  I can always somehow justify eating this double-size cookie in one sitting. I want to make sweet love to it with my mouth, blah blah, you get the idea. The cookie oh-so-elegantly captured above? Perhaps my last for a while.

February 1st marks “Stop Being A Whiny Fatty” month. “Urg, I’m tired.” “Urg, I hate wearing pants.” “Urg, turn me over.” Sound familiar? It should if you’ve spent more than 5 minutes around me in the last couple of months.  Well, I’m sick of being an inner (and outer) fatty! I know how to eat healthy and even enjoy working out when I get into the swing of things, so what’s the deal Nelson!? Powerless because of a damn (/glorious!) COOKIE? You are PATHETIC! (That is me pep talking myself… awww 😦 … I don’t respond well to harsh sports-coach tones. I spent most of my phy-ed years in the fetal position on the gym floor. Probably part of the reason why it took me so long to get into physical fitness. Thanks for allowing me this therapeutic parenthetical.)

Ellen and I start belly dancing class tomorrow.  Phase 1: commence.

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