The Molly Nelson Guide to Being [read: Staying] Single: the GIFs

1. Move to a studio apartment in a decidedly less-fun and much older city (sorry, St. Paul).

2. Adopt a kitty cat and love her with all your heart.  Talk about her to people who seem especially disinterested.  Use a special lilt in your voice when speaking her (precious) name.

3. Read/watch documentaries about organic farming.  Make pals with the vegetables you buy at the farmer’s market and co-op.

4. Talk to handsome men about how you’d love to spend all your free time making tiny models of furniture and dream living spaces.

5. Vomit on yourself when a man compliments your workout at the gym.  It’s ok, girl!  Those are just nerves!

6.  Look at yourself in the mirror every night and think “Couldn’t my asymmetrical haircut be just a little more asymmetrical?”

7. Make unflattering GIFs of yourself at home on a Wednesday night.

And remember: they’re all just intimidated by your beauty and charisma.


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