“You’re Fine Just The Way You Are”: “Face it, you’re a beautiful hot mess!”

The morning after my breathalyzer and subsequent blog session, I felt fantastic.  Labor Day weekend resulted in a monumentally sized cathartic release of emotional turmoil.  We all need that every once in a while.

After posting My Breathalyzer (Mini) Rock Bottom, friends and family unexpectedly reached out to me to check-in, offer bits of hopeful wisdom, sympathies, and/or acknowledge with a verbal eye roll that they’d read my recent blog.  Thank you to all who reached out.  I am well aware that everyone has their share of mini rock bottoms.  I just happen to enjoy sharing mine without phishing for anything and can almost always see the good in every “bad” situation. 

A friend of mine, after reading said blog post, shared an article with me to remind me that “everything is going to be great.”  And yes, everything is going to be great!  Hell, it’s even great right now.  “You’re Fine Just The Way You Are” by Ryan O’Connell, posted on Thought Catalog, reminds us of that.  Thanks for the read and reminder, Bethany!


Hearts + Farts

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