Put a Pumpkin in it

It’s a divisive issue in this election season: whether pumpkin flavored baked goods, drinks, and the like are the best thing to ever happen to the human race or… not.  Maybe you sense my stance on this issue already– we never promised journalistic neutrality, so get over it, pumpkin haters.  I know I use the phrase “makes my heart explode with joy” to describe many things, but do not take me lightly when I say pumpkin consumption season makes my heart explode with joyI used bold, cause I really meant it (and italics cause I’m being an asshole).
I blame smart phone technology for the conversion of my brain from one capable of creating eloquent, flourishing, descriptive sentences (I’m really stretching here) to one barely being able to make a cohesive list of bullet points without pausing to watch some cat vids or make some toast.  See?  That was a terrible sentence.  I’ll try again:

  • college brain: write good
  • today brain: is that toast burning?  did I put on clean underwear yet today or not?  does google know or should I just guess?

I think my point was going to be to make a list of the best of Pumpkin infused consumables in the Cities, so I’ll do that:

  • LUCIA’S Pumpkin Bar with Cream Cheese Icing.  Kill me now, for I shall never be happier.
  • LUCIA’S Pumpkin Butterscotch Cookie (clearly I’m biased toward my former employer).  Cakey and thick (Hey!  Like me!), an undeniably excellent pairing, if a bit unusual (Hey! Like me!).
  • BAR’S BAKERY Pumpkin Cookie.  Also cakey.  I don’t usually go for the cakier cookies, but this one bridges the cookie/scone gap in a really terrific way.  Not to mention that frosting will make your eyes roll back in your head in that way.
  • SOUTHERN TIER PUMPKING ALE.  I scored this brew at the Amsterdam and Muddy Pig.  Not too sweet, the pumpkin perfectly enhances the belly-warming fall ale.  Aaaand, it packs a punch with an alcohol content of 8.6%.  Good for your wallet, good for your soul, good for helping you get the nerve to get that pumpkin tattoo that you’ve never wanted.

Go forth in your quest, harvest-fruit enthusiasts, and let me know if I’ve missed any!

Amen. GIT IT.

I fall in love with anyone who gives me a baked good– usually the poor person at the bakery who has to deal with my outlandish enthusiasm.   Have I mentioned that my first crush was the Schwan’s man?  Not only did he have a mustache, but he brought ice cream every time he came over.  No brainer.

One thought on “Put a Pumpkin in it

  1. That pumpkin tattoo is an abomination. Abomination is my version of “makes my heart explode with joy.” BUT it’s an abomination. No person who deserves to live has one. I don’t know anyone with a pumpkin tattoo so everyone I know may remain…THE QUEEN HATH SPOKEN (tweet that for me).

    How many Schwan’s Men are on OK Cupid? Just wondering… (tweet that too)

    Moll, you are my tweet slave (tweeting this is optional).

    sarita wallee

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