PSA: Imposter Ellen+Molly Scam

This is a public service announcement from 2G4C.

williams 3




Twin City Residents and Guests:

On Friday, October 4, 2013, it was reported to the Craigslist community that an Ellen+Molly tag team was seen terrorizing a young man at an Uptown bar. These two females are considered highly dangerous. Armed with “sexy” singing and tales of English boyfriends, the perpatrators lure vulnerable/drunk men in exchange for booze and attention. DO NOT HEED THEIR SEXY SINGING. There is only one true, boobtastic Ellen+Molly duo in the Twin Cities area, and they are rarely caught outside of polyester-laced dive bars and boozy karaoke joints. It is obvious that these two imposters used the pseudo fame of2G4C to torment a young man, leaving him in a state of heartache and agony, possibly a case of raunchy blue b*lls, for two days after his initial encounter with the perps. The tried-and-true Ellen+Molly would never lure such a sad soul into a trap of sexy singing and lies of European lovers.

Please use caution when friending duos of Ellen and Molly. Don’t be fooled by phony phriends. Check their chin status.

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