I should go to the gym, but I’d rather…

…dread going to the gym for 4-6 hours, however long until gym is closed

…get a flat tire on the way to gym

…buy a loaf of bread from a fancy, french bakery and eat half of loaf

…watch 3 episodes of Star Trek Next Generation and wish I was as sexy as Counsellor Deanna Troi or Dr. Beverly Crusher


…feel like maybe I will have to poop if I go to the gym, and I don’t like to poop there

…lose my glasses and contacts, writhe around in blind agony

…not find a parking spot at gym

…eat the other half of the loaf of bread, this time with cheese and a couple of beers and oop! too gassy for gym

…contract some weird rash, do a google image search of “weird rash” that I will regret for the rest of my life

Then I realize, every single time I go to the gym, that it’s not that bad (I actually LIKE it and feel GOOD there), and I am an idiot for my ceaseless lamentations.  When will I ever learn?  Now time to eat some chips and check out some Star Trek babes stretching:

(Molly=Crusher, Ellen=Troi????!!)


2 thoughts on “I should go to the gym, but I’d rather…

  1. Pooping at the gym is worse than pooping at the library. At the library you can usually find a quiet restroom on the fourth floor AND there is no shortage of reading material. No need to read shampoo bottles whilst pooping at the library.

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