The Marshmallow Silhouette

Let’s dive right into holiday fashion, friends.  I have too many cookies to eat to dally around writing a proper introduction.

Step one: acknowledge that maintaining your healthy lifestyle is not going to happen this or any other holiday season.  Done.  Step two: find a way to hide your holiday bulge and leave plenty of room for more in a fashion-forward, adorable, Christmasy way!

The main tenant for holiday fashion is (and always will be) no constricting waistlines.  It seems obvious, but I’ve seen plenty of ladies trying to stuff their bodies in to closely-contoured dresses that may have fit in September but are no longer relevant to their holiday butter bods.  It’s ok, girls!  You’re still pretty (with a little makeup and the right attitude)!  Look for something that is billowy and/or cheery, and otherwise resembling a jumbo-puffed marshmallow on the top, while choosing something at least 90% spandex and definitely elastic-waisted for the bottom.  Trade in your glam sensibilities for a foxier, younger, and more desirable Mrs. Claus look this season!

Some lovely friends came over last night for a holiday gathering, and followed these guidelines to a tee.  And did they look dumpy?  Did they look like someone your elderly great-aunt would call out for ‘letting themselves go’?  Good lord, no!

walliscuteasbuttonIMG_5663Sarah effortlessly pulls off the popular ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ look.  With that Santa hat, Sarah wasted no time fussing with her hair, strategically leaving more time for toffee consumption. She pairs a four-sizes-too-big sweatshirt with black leggings, and looks like an adorable floating marshmallow girl.  You can’t help but find yourself enamored and bloated with holiday cheer.  All the more reason to leave some bloat room for yourself!

maggiefashionIMG_5659Maggie, by contrast, goes for a more subdued potato sack drape in her sweater choice for the evening.  She’s ready to fit at least three more Maggies in that thing, not to mention that she looks like a sophisticated gal ready for a peppermint stick mocha and riveting fireside conversation.

Maggie and Sarah demonstrate (and champion!) two very different ways achieve the 2G4C Official Holiday Look for 2013:


We hope you take this advice to heart as you chug buffalo chicken dip, crumble favorite cookies over a big bowl of ice cream, and fist meatball after meatball into your thankful mouth this Christmas.  You’re beautiful, and you’ll be good again next year, we promise.

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