We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you an important announcement from 2G4C:

Due to the emergence of this past summer and the onset of seasonal distraction disorder (SDD), the Iron Filly is postponed until further notice. Life happens, people, and it must be prioritized and tended to appropriately; buying a house (Moll-Moll), remodeling said house (Moll-Moll), getting engaged (Moll-Moll), and finding new ways to distract one’s self from everything that really matters (Ellen) are all valid triggers for SDD. Symptoms of SDD include, but are not limited to, restlessness, exhaustion, FOMO, aversion to indoor lighting, tanning of the skin, extreme thirst for alcoholic beverages, meat sweats, and razor burn. There is no known cure for SDD. Frankly, 2G4C still suffers from SDD – isn’t summer already dead? – and doesn’t really want to be cured anyway. 2G4C apologizes for the delay in the dramatic conclusion of the Iron Filly challenge and will return when their SDD has subsided, just in time for seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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