Behind the Closet: Ellen Roth


Ellen and I met up on a titty-freezing Saturday morning for a much-needed catch up session over extravagant unicorn milk lattes at a favorite coffee shop.  We reflected on the impending demise of our 20s and pondered breathing a puff of life back into 2G4C (as we always seems to do in the new year).  What followed was an afternoon rollick through the storied closet of one of Pillsbury Avenue’s fashion greats, Ellen V. Roth.  

I asked her, in essence, “Where the f*ck did you get such divine style?

MWS: Ellen, I know you’ve been stylish since you started dressing yourself. Who have been your style icons through the years?

EVR: Firstly, I don’t consider myself particularly stylish: I just happen to occasionally fancy dressing up in outlandish outfits as if I were on a stage. I will admit I’m incredibly  #blessed with a BABE ALERT mother who has impeccable taste and an eye for style (voted “Best Dressed” in junior high and she STILL knows what’s up). Other icons/inspirations throughout the years include, and are not limited to: In Living Color’s Fly GirlsdELiA*s,  ​Pantone​, and The Man Repeller.

MWS: What are some regrettable style phases you’ve gone through?

EVR: The Wall Shirt Era (1997 – 2002 CE) was the lowest point in my style evolution. Embarrassed of my growing chesticles and waist size, I attempted to hide everything by wearing unfortunately large shirts and (kick ass) wide leg jeans. We all know that baggy + tight = hawt and baggy + baggy = sad sack of potatoes. The Wall Shirt Era marked a prolonged, awkward, transitional period in my personal life and style.

MWS: How do you think Future Ellen would describe your current style?

EVR: Thrifted grandma at a Robyn concert in Bangkok​.

MWS: If you found out that Future Ellen wears only Cheetos-stained sweatpants and works from home, what would you want to say to her (don’t worry though, I’m sure she doesn’t).

EVR: Ellen, it’s time you put down the Cheetos and​ confront your addiction to monosodium glutamate. Shed those fingerpainted, orange-stained sweats and wrap your sad body in sequins, fur, and a tight pair of spandex leggings and PLUCK THE DAY.

MWS: Do you have any forecasts for 2016?​ ​​

EVR: Cloudy with a chance of ladyballs.

​Then I took 400 photos and felt so very alive with the magic of Ellen.


Above: Fur vest; Jr. League Thrift Store, Sioux City. Sequined pants; gift from a girlfriend. Clogs; Sven.

Ellen’s ready for a day of volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity build in this chic ensemble of squirrel and sequin.  Who says you need to dress like a frumpy disaster while swinging a hammer?

“Oh, the humanity.”


Above: Dress; vintage, handmade hand-me-down from cousin’s mother. Shoes; John Fluevog.

Ellen’s ready for an afternoon of cruising in her friend’s husband’s classic convertible followed by an evening of classic eating at Annie’s Parlor in this paralyzingly short ensemble. Bring a towel to sit on, girl; you don’t want your new butt tattoo to rip off on that hot vinyl!

“Double butterscotch malt, please!”


Above: Hat; study abroad trip in China. Cannibal Corpse Tee; ex-boyfriend collection. Skirt; gift from a girlfriend.

Ellen’s ready for her cousin’s baby’s baptism in this whimsical ensemble of grotesque metal band tee and festive hat ensemble. The contrast of innocence and flesh-ripping zombie imagery almost begs the pastor to perform an emergency adult baptism!

“In one spirit we were baptized by thy word. Even Ellen.”


Above: Dress; vintage hand-me-down from cousin’s mother who may or may not have originally worn to sorority formal. Boots; hand-me-down motorcycling accessory from Mother Roth.

Ellen’s ready for a Babes in Toyland show at First Ave in this navy and black, don’t-talk-to-me ensemble.  Feisty femmes, beer, punk rock.  That’ll put hair on your lady bits!

“Check out that Handsome Gretel, but don’t talk to her or she’ll rip your face off.”


Above: Tee; study abroad trip in Japan.  Windbreakers; Savers. Slippers; Rewind Minneapolis.

Ellen’s ready for a Saturday morning nap during our photo shoot in this neon ensemble.

“Breaking wind in windbreakers.”


Above: Dress; Unique Thrift.

Ellen’s ready for …? We’re not sure, as this is free-loving garment has spent years hiding in the bowels of her closet.  In any case, we think she’d make Christ the Redeemer proud.

“Peace, love, and 2 pounds of embroidery thread.”


Above: Coat; gift from a girlfriend who inherited from grandma. Shoes; Rewind Minneapolis.

Ellen’s ready to eat a crumbly scone at book club in this chic, grandmother-approved mohair ensemble. Don’t forget to brush those crumbs off before your date with Gorgon Heap later!


6 thoughts on “Behind the Closet: Ellen Roth

  1. Oh my gawd I love it. Really, Ellen, you’re too much. But not too much-just enough. I love reading about you and your fashion. Plus other things. Please do more. Looking great by the way, though I feel that the looks are in the attitude about your looks, which is really what reigns supreme and is obvious in this interview. Way to crush it.

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