(Variety Show) Birth Reflections & Video Proof It Happened

One month postpartum (of the creative endeavor kind) and we are more depressed now than ever. We’re already starved for the stage, the lights, the palpable energy, the endless amounts of Sambuca sipping turned chugging, the adoring and somewhat confused audience. CAN WE PLEASE REWIND TIME AND RELIVE THE GLORY!?

Through the power of technology WE CAN.

Warning: Watch at your own risk. Cursing = check. Mild nudity = check. Unrehearsed and unfiltered = double check.

We learned a great many things from putting on our first live production, including the numerous issues with taping a 3 hour production on a digital SLR camera. After an incredibly LABORIOUS editing and post-processing clean up by Eric “The Renaissance Man Man” Sanford, whom we’ll never be able to thank enough, the video is in the best shape it will ever be. The sound quality in the beginning is rough: stick it out and you shall be rewarded with…ummm…minimal entertainment.


Again, THANK YOU to all of the beautiful humans who performed in the show, sat in the audience (and didn’t walk out on us), lent us a helping hand in any/every way, and continue shower us with continual love and support. We are forever grateful to have incredible humans who laugh at our brand of weird. WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU. KIND OF.


Check out all of the mesmerizing gifs made by our boozed up fans at the event (props to the painfully talented Bethany Hall for building that damn contraption).

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