Ring the alarm! IT’S A HOLIDAY WEEKEND, and you know what that means… good, ol’ American binge drinking!

You can ditch the chilled bottle of Rumchata in the parking lot and leave the 24-pack of Natty Ice in the basement; we’re talking LaCroix sparking water, you parched fool! DO NOT let the unofficial end of summer squelch your eternal need for adequate hydration. Instead, let the unofficial end of summer inspire your artistic/thirsty side!

The world wide web needs our help. After a recent internet search for a desperately needed LaCroix GIF, the results were horrifyingly dismal. It is an abomination for all hip sippers everywhere! Therefore, we grabbed my point-and-shoot from 2007 and hit the town to start our very own LaCroix GIF revolution. JOIN US.






We call upon the entire 2G4C community to help solve for the inadequate supply of LaCroix-related gifs. It is your mission, nay, DUTY, to help create a plethora of graphics interchange formats (GIFs*) inspired by our favorite effervescent (non-alcoholic) beverage. Together we will right this wrong.

Please submit all of your homemade GIFss to by Sunday, September 17th for a specially curated 2G4C LaCroix gif show!



*Don’t know how to make a GIF? Google it! We used this site and this site. There are probably 2 million more sites that can do the same thing. You can also create them from videos (says Google). If you know of a great GIF making site, comment below!

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