Fitness. Fashion. Fupas.: Ellen and Molly.  

We were always the kids going back for seconds, thirds, and extra dessert at the potluck then going home to watch four straight hours of Nickelodeon.  We’re still those kids at heart, though now we sometimes wear sequins, sing karaoke, and try our damnedest to go to the gym and eat right.  If this were a college paper, we’d write some thesis statement about our delicate dichotomy, but we’re long done with that. Instead, we invite you to follow our sh*tscapades in life as thrity-something, Minnesotan, ever-so-slightly bulgy babes.

Craving more irreverence and maybe even swears? Follow on the Twitter: @chowbellaroth and @mollypancake!


These are the ‘Sunday clothes’ we wore to our photo shoot with the wonderful Kyle Kehrwald.  Thanks for letting us eat pizza on your bed, Kyle!

Hope you enjoy.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. you are both geniuses. i will now follow this site religiously and hope to do some fupa-vaporizing of my own 😉 when i get back into town let’s do fitness related things together! ok great.

    i love you with all of my heart and soul in the deepest way possible. like, scary deep. like, i’m sitting outside your window right now watching you, deep.

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