How Not To Embarrass Yourself In The Presence Of A (Local) Celebrity

Once upon a time earlier this week, 2G4C attended a book launch event for a Local Celebrity/Role Model. With hearts aflutter we waited 45 minutes to meet LC/RM* and purchase her debut book. Not much for Celeb encounters, we didn’t quite know what to do or say. The aftermath of said interaction was caught on cellphone film.

  • Introduce yourself to Celebrity, especially if you’re at a meet and greet event, before you start spewing nonsense or ask for a photograph/autograph/polygraphy/barograph/whatever.
  • Play it cool and be yourself. If you are naturally uncool or happen to loose the shard of cool you do have at the sight of Celebrity, have something somewhat smart/witty/flattering prepared as plan B.
  • Drink alcohol prior to interaction with Celebrity if you’re feeling particularly uncool and especially awkward. Where we fumbled, in hindsight, was opting for ice cold kombuchas instead of ice cold brewskis prior to conversing. Perhaps one beer each would’ve loosened us up just enough to have a pleasant interaction. Note: this tip is only an option if you have a planned interaction; it’s best to steer clear of celebrities if you happen upon them in the wild (read up on this masterfully illustrated wikiHow if you’re hoping to meet Celebs in the wild).
  • Dab your face with blotting paper/an old receipt/napkin/your shirt/toilet paper/moar makeup so it’s free of nervous perspiration/pepperoni grease from your sad lunch. Photo opts are best with matte faces and clenched smiles.
  • Remember: Celebs are just regular people but with better hair and things to say. They probably once fell over themselves while meeting a role model too.



* LC/RM = the horribly talented, inspirational, relatable, rad, kind, funny human, Nora McInerny Purmort. Pick up a copy of her debut book, It’s Okay to Laugh: (Crying is Cool Too), and read along with 2G4C Book Club Ahoy-hoy!

Left: Stunning Awkward Rebounder   Center: Stunning LC/RM   Right: Stunning Greasy Pizza

PSA: Imposter Ellen+Molly Scam

This is a public service announcement from 2G4C.

williams 3




Twin City Residents and Guests:

On Friday, October 4, 2013, it was reported to the Craigslist community that an Ellen+Molly tag team was seen terrorizing a young man at an Uptown bar. These two females are considered highly dangerous. Armed with “sexy” singing and tales of English boyfriends, the perpatrators lure vulnerable/drunk men in exchange for booze and attention. DO NOT HEED THEIR SEXY SINGING. There is only one true, boobtastic Ellen+Molly duo in the Twin Cities area, and they are rarely caught outside of polyester-laced dive bars and boozy karaoke joints. It is obvious that these two imposters used the pseudo fame of2G4C to torment a young man, leaving him in a state of heartache and agony, possibly a case of raunchy blue b*lls, for two days after his initial encounter with the perps. The tried-and-true Ellen+Molly would never lure such a sad soul into a trap of sexy singing and lies of European lovers.

Please use caution when friending duos of Ellen and Molly. Don’t be fooled by phony phriends. Check their chin status.