How to Wear a Dickey

Reader, you don’t need a how-to, because dickeys go with evvverything! Watch:

Athletic Wear


Going out for DQ after the big Little League game?* Warm up in that Brazier and gain respect of other Dilly Bar patrons with a wool sweater dickey! The crowd parts ways as you enter and everyone looks in awe at that fuzzy dick’. Continue reading “How to Wear a Dickey”

What should you wear?


Fashion is one of the reasons Ellen and I decided to put on the 2G4C Variety Show. We needed an excuse to thrift some new threads/unearth the most outlandish pieces from our wardrobes. Also, we want to encourage our guests (HEY! That could be you!) to let their inner fashion beasts out. Guests just miiiight have the chance to participate in a fashion show at the end of the night… 😉

What should you wear???? Please refer to this brilliant blog for the answer.

Most of all, do as Ellen’s butt tattoo says: “U be u”